Diciembre 2021
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Application: Industrial luminaire for street lighting in industrial parks or chemical plants and refineries.

Body: Made of copper-free cast aluminum and circulated through a dephosphatization process for the elimination of impurities. Subjected to two stages of electrostatic anticorrosive powder coating, the first with epoxypolyester paint and the second with pure transparent polyester, achieved by a thermal drying process to reach a maximum of 250 microns.

Optics: Contains a NON CUT OFF system which is achieved by the combination of a borosilicate reticulated diffuser and a polished aluminum reflector screen in order to obtain high performance, allowing to obtain one of the best photometric distribution curves.


Armature: 10 years against corrosion.

Operation Kit: (ballast, ignitor and condenser): 1 year against factory defects.

Refractor: 20 years against depigmentation and discoloration.