Diciembre 2021
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Application: This luminaire is designed to be used in gardens, squares, parks and other green areas, it is characterized by easy installation and low weight.

Body: Constructed in copper-free cast aluminum and circulated through a dephosphatization process for the elimination of impurities. Subjected to two stages of electrostatic anticorrosive powder coating, the first with epoxy-polyester paint and the second with pure transparent polyester, achieved by a thermal drying process to achieve maximum adhesion and thicknesses over 300 microns.

Packaging: Neoprene packing.

Internal Reflector: Manufactured with mirror type aluminum, in order to maximize light levels.

Hardware: Hardware and accessories are all stainless steel. Operating kit: Multi-voltage ballast (CWA), self-regulating plus or minus 10% of the supply voltage. It works with a power factor higher than 90%.

Optics: Constructed with a transparent impact-proof polycarbonate diffuser designed to withstand UV radiation.

Mounting: Available in pole mount.


Operation Kit (ballast, ignitor and capacitor): 1 year against factory defects.

Refractor: 3 years against depigmentation and discoloration