Junio 2022
Luminarias Led
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MarLight II Led

Body: Copper-free cast aluminum body, manufactured with chemical treatment in order to avoid impurities in the alloy.

Diffuser: Made of transparent polycarbonate stabilized for U.V. rays. Designed for an impact resistance of up to 20 J, with 850 ºC glow wire test. The gasket between the body and the diffuser is made of silicone, resistant to high temperatures in order to provide a high hermetic seal to the unit. The closing system is designed with stainless steel hooks, in order to obtain high tightness in the unit.

Optics: High purity mirror type aluminum reflector to maximize light levels.

Operation Kit: High efficiency and high power factor electronic drivers, designed with the purpose of obtaining in its output the minimum harmonic distortion (less than 2%). Available in different operating voltages. Available with emergency kit.

Accessories: Luminaire includes cable gland to provide tightness in the power supply conductor, clamps for luminaire support made of cast aluminum.

Options: Cabria type mounting kit, Surface mount kit for surface applications, Pole mount kit , Over current mounting and protection kit and Pedestal mount kit available.


Armor: 10 years against corrosion.

Operation Kit: (ballast, ignitor and capacitor): 2 years against factory defects.

Diffuser: 2 years against depigmentation and discoloration