Diciembre 2021
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PetroLight I

Application: This luminaire is designed to operate in corrosive and high risk index areas such as petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, warehouses, waste plants, docks, refrigerated chambers, drilling platforms, among others.

Body: Made of copper-free cast aluminum and circulated through a dephosphatization process to eliminate impurities. Subjected to two stages of electrostatic anticorrosive powder coating, the first with epoxypolyester paint and the second with pure transparent polyester, achieved by a thermal drying process to achieve maximum adherence and thicknesses over 300 microns.

Packing: 100% silicone packing resistant to high temperatures and deformations to guarantee the hermeticity and preservation of the internal components.

Internal Reflector: Manufactured with mirror type aluminum, in order to maximize light levels.

Hardware: Hardware and accessories are made entirely of stainless steel.

Operation kit: Multi-voltage ballast (CWA), with self-regulation of plus or minus 10% of the supply voltage. It works with a power factor higher than 90%.

Optics: Built with a prismatic refractor in borosilicate glass, resistant to thermal changes and high temperatures, without generating depigmentations or deformations in its structure.

Mounting: Available in pendant (PD), ceiling (CE), pole with 25 degrees of inclination (ST-25).


Armature: 10 years against corrosion.

Operating Kit: (ballast, ignitor and capacitor): 1 year against factory damage.

Refractor: 20 years against depigmentation and discoloration.