// Who we are

We are the first national company dedicated to the manufacture of lighting fixtures for Classified Areas EXPLOSION PROOF

We are the first and only national company dedicated to the manufacture of explosion-proof luminaires for special and aggressive areas, created with the purpose of satisfying the existing demand in the country. We also produce luminaries for public lighting and green areas. We are characterized for offering our customers a special versatility in the creation of new products and the adaptation of the same according to their needs, respecting the strict quality levels that we use.

Mission: To be a leading and recognized company in the national market, dedicated to the manufacture of electrical luminaries for classified areas and public lighting, committed to our employees and customers to achieve continuous improvement of our processes through a quality management system.

Vision: To become the leading company in the manufacturing of electrical luminaries for classified areas in the country, capable of covering the national demand, contributing to the substitution of imports due to the quality and innovation of the products we offer.

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How we do it

Design and Engineering Services

In Lexu Light Industries, we offer the Design and Engineering Service to all our current and future customers, free of charge. The Design Service is characterized by the versatility we have to create and adapt the luminaires according to the needs of our customers.

The Engineering Service consists of advice to select the type of luminaire and the technical specifications that best suit the requirements and demands of customers. For this purpose, we perform a photometric survey of the areas to be illuminated, in which we determine the type of luminaire, the height at which it should be positioned, the power, the voltage and finally, the spatial distribution of the luminaires.

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We are Leaders

We provide lighting design and engineering services, in order to create and/or adapt our products to meet your needs.
to create and/or adapt our products to meet your needs.

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